Bible Church School (BCS)

The traditional Sunday School is not lost! Every Sunday morning prepared lessons are provided and taught to all age groups. One is never too old or too young to learn about God's Word. In addition to the standard Sunday morning format, the Littles Temple BCS has its annual outreach in the form of Vacation Bible School. Every summer, children from the neighborhood await anxiously the opening of the doors for the event. Over the past two years, a handful of the neighborhood children attend Sunday School.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

It is a systematic journey through the Holy Scriptures, testament by testament, book by book, verse by verse. Each scripture is studied and discussed with a spiritual perspective as well as a concentrated focus on the spiritual, personal, philosophical and historical views of the Word of God. These classes are taught by Littles Temple's ministers and deacons that study to show themselves approved.

Pastor's Fireside Chats

In lessons prepared by the Pastor, as he is led by the Holy Ghost, topical and spiritually relevant issues are addressed to help build the modern believer in the modern church. With scripture references from throughout the Bible, a theme is built to convey to the church what the Lord would have us to know.

Women of Purpose Fellowship

This is a time of fellowship for women to discuss and explore topics that affect women physically, mentally, spiritually and teaches Godly Women how to apply the Word of God to our everyday life.

Young Peoples Holy Association (YPHA)

There is a resurgence and recommitment in reviving the YPHA. Its first mission is to establish and foster a better and lasting fellowship between the youth of the church and the children in the neighborhood. Here, tradition is broken and unconventional events have been well received and highly anticipated. Future endeavors are to integrate the youth in more facets of our morning worship service
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