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L. Chappie E. Lundy & H. Glenn - VBS 1992
Letty Maxwell & Georgetta Brown
Lisa & Kevin Outterbridge & Theresa Ferguson
LMT Road Trip
LMT Saints at the BCS Picnic
Kenny Johnson & Gwen Miller
Kitchen Workers VBS 1999
K. Johnson, G. Miller & Greg Marshal
LMT circa 1991
M. Baker VBS 1993
Minister Beverly David
Ministers Jackie Stephens & Lottie Chappie
Miss Gwen Miller
Miss Victoria Sherman
Deacon Vernell Morales - 50th Church Anniversary Banquet
Deacon Williams Morales
Deacons Sylvester & Janet Miller @ 50th Church Anniversary Banquet
Deborah Wright & Georgette Marshall
Dedication of Omar Wilson Circa 1990
Don Goodman
Mother Anna Turner, Deacon Ernest Turner & Dolores Turner
Mother Dorothy Guest Brown
Mother Dorytha Wilson
Mother Janet Miller
Mothers Alston & Glenn
Mr. & Mrs Danny Elliott
Marlo Franklin & Ellen Baker
mary Thomas VBS 1994
Matthew Maurice & Isaac Skinner
MB Littles Senior Choir - 1985
MB Littles Senior Choir
Melanie Skinner
Men's Day - 1990
Men's Day circa - 1990
Janet Miller
Jean Sidberrry at the Center
Jessie Dooley
Jessie Pugh, Elizabeth Bradley & Emma Potts
Jimmy Murphy
Joan & Froncine Turner
Juanita Robinson & David Dixon
Junior Ushers Rodney, Brittney & Antonio 1994
Keith Morales & Gwen Miller
Keith Morales
Janet Miller & Georgette Marshall
Janet Miller & Marie Baker
Janet Miller & Jessie Pugh
Let's begin the journey in the past at LMTUHC
Charlene Connelly
Choir of Littles Temple
D Coles VBS 1994
Daniel Lightfoot, Lisa Morales, Gwen Miller - Greensboro, NC 1986
Danny Lightfoot, Ellen Baker
Danny Lightfoot, Gwen Miller
David Alson & Randy Thomas - Christmas 1976
Deacon Ernest Thomas
Deacon Ernest Turner, Jr. & Leslie Turner - 1977
Deacon Harmon Elliott, VBsS - 1993
Deacon Leslie Turner
Deacon Sylvester Miller & Evangelist Gerald Sylvers
Deacon Thomas Juanita Robinson
Deacon Thomas
Gwen Miller, Ellen Baker & Kenny Johnson
Installation of Pastor Alfred Baker
Installation of Pastor Baker
Isaiah Stephens
Gertrude Williams, Bettie Smith & Helen Barnes
G. Williams VBS 1994
Cecily Butler
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