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80 years, A look back in Pictures
“Faith in Action”

    Greetings in the precious name of Jesus who declared: “on this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”

     In light of this scripture God has certainly been faithful to this church. During this course of 80 years, this church as experienced many high and low days in ministry. But through all of its encounters God has remained faithful. 

     And this church continues to be a beacon and ray of hope for the unsaved as well as people struggling with the problems of life. 

     As we reflect on the past concerning the faithfulness of God to this ministry we become highly optimistic concerning the future outcome of this ministry as we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.  

     Further as we cling to our ethos and the principles and doctrine of the founders of this great ministry. In the words of the hymnologist that pinned:

Holiness unto the Lord as we move along,
Holiness unto the Lord is our watchword and song
Holiness unto the lord now and forever

Rt. Reverend Newton A. Pullian

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Biography of the longest members of LMTUHC
For those who would desire to have a full copy of this PDF file.  CLICK HERE to download and print the Biography on your printer.
There are five separate Biographies and photos of the longest members of LMTUHC.  To turn the pages, place your cursor at the lower right corner, the page will begin to curl, hold the mouse down and drag to your left or simply click, the page will turn.  The same principle is applied to the left bottom corner.